Labels to show time that a recording was made

I’ve now expanded this with idea with a second plug-in called “Recording Time”.

The attached file (below) is a ZIP archive containing 3 files. The archive should be unzipped into the Audacity plug-ins folder.
The three files are:

  1. record-time-labels.ny: An updated version of the plug-in posted in the first message of this forum topic (includes a small bug fix).
  2. record-time.ny: A new plug-in that reports the recorded time at the cursor / selection position (more info below)
  3. time-string.lsp: This is not a plug-in itself, but contains a collection of functions and macros that are required by the two plug-ins.

The contents of the ZIP file must be “extracted” and copied or moved into the Audacity plug-ins folder.
The two plug-ins included in the ZIP require that the “time-string.lsp” file is present in Audacity’s plug-in path. The easiest way to do that is to put all three files into the Audacity plug-ins folder.

About the new "Recording Time"plug-in:

Like the “Recording Time Labels…” plug-in, it requires that the time that the recording started is appended to the track name, in the form hh-mm-ss. The plug-in also appears in the Generate menu.

How to use the effect:

The “Recording Time” plug-in has no controls. Just click on a track that has a correctly formatted name, or make a selection, and launch the effect. A message box will pop up and give the “real” recording time that corresponds to the cursor position / selection. (3.53 KB)