Time Shift NOT working [Solved]

I’m a newbie, so go easy on me!
I’m using Audacity on a Mac. I’m trying to insert another clip into a previously recorded track. (I missed reading it when I was doing the original recording) So, I have used the selection tool to ‘Split’ the track where i want to insert the new clip, and when I try to use the time shift tool to move the original to the right to make room, nothing happens. The only action is when I also press Shift, but that moves the whole track. All the videos I watch make it look so easy, but it’s not working for me.
I have a deadline I’m trying to meet, and this is getting frustrating!!

I would split the existing track in two and copy the second half to a new track. Put the addendum on a third track. Time Shift all the tracks until they line up. Audacity will smash everything together into one track when you export.

From left to right: First half, addendum, second half.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 16.46.45.png


Thanks Koz,
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me using When I select the section I want to copy, it also highlights the new recording below and copies it. So then I separated the new recording from the original by a blank track - same thing happens. So I started again and selected the section to copy - did that, then pasted it into a new 3rd track, with a blank track in between to record the missing section. So the copied section ends up aligned with the end of the original, so I use the Time Shift tool to move the new copy, and It moves both it and the original. Finally, I found that if I press shift at the same time, it will allow me to move the copy alone.
However in the process of doing this, I discovered that the missing piece of dialogue, (that I’m trying to reestablish), has somehow ended up spliced in about 30 secs further along in the original track!! And, I don’t know how to cut it out and reinsert it where it should be! This program seems to have a lot of major bugs in it, and my deadline is now a day closer. I fear I may have to get the other person back in and re-record the whole thing.

It sounds like you’re not selecting the tracks. See the SELECT button to the left of each track? Also see in the illustration, the top track is selected and is a different shade than two and three? If I Time Shift right now, only the top track will move.

I use the Time Shift tool to move the new copy, and It moves both it and the original.

Probably because you have both tracks selected.

You shouldn’t need the keyboard shortcuts other than Copy and Paste.

There is an additional note here. Track 1 should start at zero time. You should not time shift all the tracks.


Shift-Record and Record is the difference between starting a fresh, new track and laying the new voice at the end of an existing track.

Audacity used to always start a new track when you press Record which is useful in overdubbing, but everybody hated it because they wanted new work to always appear at the end of old work. So this behavior is a Shift option and you can change the natural order in Audacity Preferences. Whichever method is handy for you.

Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [_] Record on a new track.

This program seems to have a lot of major bugs in it

Audacity may be free, but it’s not simple.


Thanks Koz,
That has been helpful. I was able to get it finished and on its way.

After spending almost half a day, I found a YouTube video saying that the Time Shift tool is intentionally kept missing in latest version of Audacity. In the latest version Time Shift tool is used in a different way. A user just has to take the cursor all the way up until it touches the time margin and the cursor changes its shape to a little wrist. Then user can move the recording within the same track in their convenient location. This feather works the same as Time Shift tool.

This was not “kept missing” it was replaced by what the designers and developers believe to be a better approach - as this saves you having to switch out of normal selection mode and back again just to move clips.

This was well documented in the Manual and in the What’s New video - and the Release Note - so you shouldn’t have had to spend half a day … :wink:

What you refer to as the “tine margin” is actually called in Audacity parlance a “Clip-handle” - it operates as a drag-bar.