the use of autotune in audacity

Hi Guys/Girls,

Im a fairly new MC and I have no trouble in writing what I think are quality lyrics. I have some home recording gear which captures good vocals but I just feel my voice isn’t right for the type of music I like.

I write kinda grime/hip-hop lyrics but my voice just doesn’t sound right. I would love a kinda urban voice like DJ Ironik or Tinchy Stryder. Is there anyway I could ever get this kind of effect on my vocals. I have began using autotune software but this only gets a kind of T-PAIN effect. I currently record in audacity with a pro mic and autotune plug in.

I guess I am destined to fail? Unless I can get the voice sound I want?
Any advice comments how I can use audacity to create this effect would be very much appreciated.

MC Anarchy.

Singing lessons ??

its nothing to do wit singing hes an MC/rapper…

Dude I’m in ur exact position, I don’t think i have the right voice but i recorded one good take the other day and it gave me faith that i might actually be able to do this, all u gotta do seriously, is fine ur own style and stop copying others cuz it neva works, dats wat i was doin tryna sound like my favourite artists. jus try loads of different voices and see what sounds best 4 u

I see, I need to get hip to this new kind of jive … :slight_smile: :wink:


For the benefit of some of our older readers :smiley:

"It has nothing to do with singing, he’s an MC/rapper

Friend, I’m in exactly the same position. I don’t think I have the right voice but I recorded one good take the other day and it gave me faith that I might actually be able to do this. All you have to do, seriously, is to find your own style and stop copying others because that never works. That’s what I was doing, trying to sound like my favourite artists. Just try loads of different voices and see what sounds best for you."

… and Brendan is absolutely right. The thing that makes the best artists stand out from the crowd is that they sound different. No one ever accused Robert Zimmerman of having a good voice, but that did not stop him from becoming one of the most significant songwriters of all time.

heyy yeah thanks for comment. i dont think im a bad singer, but then again as mentioned it isnt singing as much. With MC’s/Rapper its all about the lyrics being meaningful, having a good beat and good sounding vocals are probably last! I have the first 2 my vocals just let me down, i sound too kinda flat. When you hear other white MC’s they sound really urban in their voice the way they talk, i just lack this. I was wondering if there was anything i could use in the effects of audacity to kinda mirror this even slightly?!?

But thanks for the advice ill keep trying different styles and hopefully get something good recorded.


It makes me cringe when I hear white kids from the East End of London talking as if they were black kids from the Bronx when they’ve not been within 3000 miles of the place. Do they really have so little self belief that they need to pretend? “Anarchy” comes from a Greek word meaning “without ruler”, which I would interpret as meaning being true to yourself. Good luck with the music.


Nah he doesn’t mean bronx or compton etc… he basically means because most of the biggest rappers here in england usually come from London he wants to sound like them, i see were ur coming from but its not about that like we said, i could name a bunch of rappers who haven’t got that kind of urban style and r bigger than all of those ppl…think of sway or the streets n this new dude called dan bull… But anyway jus keep tryin man, all u gotta do is get the “energy” in your voice, doesn’t matter about the accent, I still sound flat but imma keep praciticing everyday n i think its paying off, hope the same works for u bruh

Gotta have a role model/hero. Entire religions have been based on that.

I want the Brooklyn Homies to start copying the London East Enders with the idea that they are new and fresh and “foreign,” only to find they’re a carbon copy of the Bronx neighborhood a mile and a half away.

The trick is to start a new one.


Note how artfully we side-stepped trying to get AutoTune to work with Audacity?

Our job here is done [dusting off hands].


Brendan whats ur email i can send u some of my recordings and u see what u think.

I think ill keep trying too just to get a sound im happy with.
Its got nothing to do with wanting to be some american gansta or London boy, its just a sound i inspire to.
I like that kinda music and would love be able to perform it with the sound i enjoy. Someone like Devlin or Fugative are a couple im into at the mo. Check them out on youtube, thats the kind thing im after.

If anyone else wants to supply email i can send my lyrics and rec’s for major critisism!

Definitions of anarchy on the Web:
•a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government)

Thats mee… lawless and disorderly :wink:

Cheers Guys.


cool mate yeah i aint no expert but I’ll let u know bruv, “hobbahobba [at]” << I made dat when I was like 10, gay email address i kno lol

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