The mute and solo tabs no longer function how they used to with new version

Boy, I hate that I installed the new version. The solo tab is something I use a lot and I need to just mute and un mute tabs quickly and the solo tab comes in handy. But, its not working like how it used to.
PLEASE fix this bug. I hate this new update and I want to roll back. Causing a lot of time waste.

What Muse have done is change the default preference setting to “Multi-track” rather than “Simple” as it was befioe - so that Audacity now behaves more like a mixing desk with solo and mute buttons. See: Tracks Behaviors Preferences - Audacity Development Manual

To revert to the earlier behavior just go to Tracks Behaviors Preferences and change the setting back to “Simple”.


thank you. I’m a simple man myself… So simple settings for a simple man.
well worth signing up just to get that fixed.

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Me too …


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