The forum needs an area not specific to an operating system

I have a question about a feature in Audacity, but it applies to any operating system, Windows, Mac or Linux.

Which specific forum should I use?

How about one of the subforums in this section:

I would suggest the 2.x feedback and reviews - but I do see your point about a generic forum, we deliberately didn’t put one in IIRC as we wanted folk to be specific about their platform from the outset (saves a bit of forum ping-pong :slight_smile: )


Thanks. I understand what you are saying, but it also potentially spreads questions and answers around.

I usually use Linux, so I’ll post there.

That’s a philosophy problem and it’s serious. By definition, you have a question or something you don’t understand or you wouldn’t be posting. By extension, you don’t know if the operating system has anything to do with it or not.

The worst questions we have, past the “magic” ones with no apparent solution, are the ones where the poster has self-diagnoses and pre-edits the question based on his concepts, generally carefully leaving out the actual cause of the problem. Those can go for days.

We generate a picture (in my case almost literally) of your system and how it’s used based on your question and responses. If you leave anything out it’s deadly. One of the very first things we’re going to ask you is the operating system and Audacity version. There is serious discussion about leaving out the “general” forums because in an overwhelming fraction of the time, we have to ask about the operating system and sometimes push the question bodily over to the appropriate forum – so the rest of the Windows (for one common occurrence) people can see and solve it.

You need to consider that if you do, indeed have a firm grasp of the situation and conditions, you’re in a rare group. All other times, the general forms are a timewaster. That and we could use people like you on the forum. It’s all volunteer, you know. It’s not a Help Desk. It’s a dialog.


Koz, I appreciate your concern.

This is to do with an Audacity feature, not a bug, crash or fault, that works identically in both Windows and Linux (I have used it in both).

You’ll see what I mean in my new thread that I recently posted.

That’s the sort of thing I’m talking about.

Anyway, it’s not a big problem — I just thought I’d make the suggestion as I was confused as to where to post. :slight_smile:

How do I mark this thread as solved?

Posting that question in the Linux forum is fine.
It would have fitted just as well in this forum:

If you only used Linux then the OS could be relevant for that type of question - a suggestion for using a VST plug-in would be irrelevant as Audacity does not support VST effects on Linux. Similarly a question about “recording music playing in Firefox” may appear to be platform independent but there are very significant differences to how the sound systems work on different OS, so the answers are very much platform dependent.

As a general rule, if in doubt, post in the forum that is relevant to your usual OS.

Cool, thank you Steve.