tell how to vote in 1st sticky Adding Features section

In Adding Features section, most people don’t know how to vote and have to ask [in the sticky says one votes on the wiki], so please add in READ ME BEFORE POSTING A FEATURE REQUEST IN THE FORUM !
something like: ‘to vote, reply to the topic with a “+1” post’

Thanks for your suggestion.
I have added:

If you wish to voice support for a feature that has been requested by someone else, just post a reply to voice your support.

I think it’s often more useful and clearer for people to briefly state what they are supporting and why, rather than just a “+1”, though a simple “+1” may be appropriate in some cases. If the feature request is complex, then a bit of explanation would be better, and would avoid ambiguity about what they are supporting.

I just wanted to vote for an already suggested feature (Import cue sheets) but it wasn’t clear how to proceed. From what I understand you have to create a post on the forum, but the feature vote is closed after one month on the forum.

Is it feasible to vote directly from the Feature request page? I’m guessing it’s not easy to implement (especially to prevent multiple or machine voting).

In any case, imho it is useful to have a simple +1 since in many cases an explanation is not needed.

I just added your vote.

The Wiki used to be open for public posting - but we closed access to it, restricting it to Audacity editors - as it was getting messy and unmanageable.