Technical difference between RECORD and "PUNCH AND ROLL RECORD"

I posted a previous question, which is yielding crickets. Plus I think my issue is that Windows 10 updated something which is causing my problem, but to figure that out, I’m looking for another answer.

I can record. But I can’t Punch and Roll or Punch in. When I try, the record function just doesn’t happen. But the plain old record button does.

So, to figure out what Windows might have changed that’s affecting my interface that holds my mic. What is audacity doing behind the scenes when it does Punch and Roll or Punch in? Is it handing off recording thru Windows in a slightly different way or route, because then THAT’S where I need to look for my Windows Problem.

I’m using Audacity 3.1.3. And PS, when I disconnect my audio interface (M-Audio M-Track Duo with XLR mic), PNR works fine with the laptop mic. But when I plug my interface back in, PNR no workie. (Vanilla RECORD still works however).


I cannot reproduce this on W10 with 3.1.3 (or the latest alpha master for 3.2.0).

Both Record & Punch&Roll work fine,


I wonder if one of you devices is recording in stereo and the other in mono. :question:

UPDATE: I unplugged everything (laptop, interface, and XLR mic) and brought the whole lot with me to work today so I could get help troubleshooting what I assume is a Windows error (I work in IT and have resources available to me).

Plug everything in at work, and guess what? IT ALL WORKS.

Just so you know, I unplugged and replugged at home SEVERAL TIMES with no change, so I have NO idea why it worked this time. BUT, the jury is out until I get everything set back up at home. THAT’S when we’ll know.

BUT I still won’t know the cause and solution, which is frustrating! :slight_smile:


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