I need to know how to create a track for the signal and a track for a synchronization. For example one track is a sinus 1kHz and another track is a square signal 1 Kkz too (this signal is use as a synchronization). I have material that I would like to check their synchronization. Thanks for your helps.


You can generate sine tones and square wave tones with the “Tone” generator:

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your link. I can now create a sinus and square but I have a problem. I need to have a Sinus in the left and Square in the right to get a stereo signal. See in this attached after export to wave file I have only one way the square signal. Do you how can I do that ? Thanks
Sinus & Square.jpg

You can add new tracks: “Tracks menu > Add New > …”
You can join two mono tracks to create a 2 channel (stereo) track:


Sorry I can find the necessary informations. At this step (I have 2 mono channel : Sinus and Square) and How Can I do to make a wave file stereo with this step ? Thanks

PS : See in this attach

  1. Click on the name (“Piste audio”) of the first (top) track.
  2. In the menu that appears, click on “Make Stereo Track”

A more detailed description, with illustrations, is in the link that I posted previously:

Google Translate (French) version:

Sorry Steve,

But I need to mix the top signal (Sinus) and the last (Square) into one signal stereo (Right is Sinus and Left is Square).

To combine mono tracks into a stereo track, the tracks must be directly one above the other.
The order of tracks in a project may be changed by either:

  1. Click on an empty part of the panel on the left end of the track (where it says “Mono 44100”), taking care to not click on the sliders, and drag the track up/down.

  2. Click on the waveform of the track that you want to move, then open the track’s menu (click on the track name), then click on one of the “Move Track” options. More details here:


I don’t need to change or drag up/down the order of the tracks. I just need to make a stereo signal with on the left (Sinus) and the right (Square). Can you see this file please ? At the end I can only a mono file. And I need the stereo file where the left is sinus and the right is square or vice versa.


Hi Steve,
Can you see thèses picture :


Join two mono tracks to make stereo.gif

Hi Steve,

Yes I can make a file stereo with two signal (square+Sine). Thank you very much
Signal Stereo W.jpg


Do you know if I can do another channel stereo with double frequency (440x2 for Sine and Square) ? Perhaps I’ll do the same previous method ?

After I repeat the first way I have 2 Channels stereo
2 Voies Stéreo.jpg
But when I export this file I have only one channel stereo Why ? I need 2 Channels and not 1 Channel, do you know how to create ? Thanks
1 piste Stéréo.jpg

As this is an English language forum, please don’t just post screenshots of messages. Please type the message as text, preferably in English, but if you’re unsure of the translation, type it in French and we can look it up with Google Translate. We cannot use Google Translate with a screenshot.

The message “Vos pistes seront melangees et exportees en unfichier stereo” is telling you that all tracks in the project will be mixed down to a single stereo file.
If you want each track as a separate file, you can either:
A) Create a new project for each stereo file
B) Select the track that you wish to export, then use “Export Selected” (
C) Use “Export Multiple” (


Sorry for the screen shot in french. I need to know if it’s possible to make a file (.wave) with 3 channels on the same file. As I can create before one channel (Right (sine)+left(square)), why when I export 2 channels I’ve only one channel with this message warning “….that all tracks in the project will be mixed down to a single stereo file”. After reading your last message I don’t know Why must I create a new projet for each stereo file ? Thanks for your helps.

Yes it is. You need to enable “Advanced Mixing Options” in Preferences.
“Edit menu > Preferences > Import / Export > Use Advanced Mixing Options: :ballot_box_with_check:
See: Advanced Mixing Options - Audacity Manual


Yes thanks, I’ll read after but one question before to try making this file. Do you know if there is no shift (lag) between the channel 1 and the Channel 2 etc… I need a file that the start time is the same for thèses three channels. It’s very important for our analysis. For example see below :
Start Time.jpg
Thanks for your helps.


I arrive to create 3 channels with 6 tracks. I have a picture (sorry but the picture is in french) :
I think (Piste audio - G and Piste audio - D) (audio track - G and audio track -D) is for the channel one. And after is for channel 2 and channel 3 I suppose. But for the moment I have a file to play with the 5.1 audio system and after analysis I’ll see later. Thanks you for your helps Steve