Set the number of required channels with the slide at the bottom of the “Advanced Mixing Options” screen.
Then link which tracks you want to go into which channels.

In this example:
Tracks 1 & 2 go to channel 1
Tracks 3 & 5 go to channel 2
Tracks 4 and 6 go to channel 3


For our research experience : We have 4 HP (speakers) and another signal that I say synchro signal (to know when the signal for HP is start for our calculation). I have one sound card that it’s can play a 5.1 format (we use four channels for four HP and another signal for the synchro).
Surround 5.1.jpg
Since my sound card, I have 3 outputs then I suppose after my previous picture
1/ ‘speaker G’ and ‘speaker D’ is one channel.
2/ ‘speaker C’ and ‘speaker Sub’ is another channel;
3/ ‘speaker CG’ and ‘speaker CD’ is the last channel.
Then I think that I can generate my sound throught 4 speakers via my two channels (‘speaker G’ and ‘speaker D’ and ‘speaker C’ and ‘speaker Sub’). And I reserve the last channel to generate a synchro signal : ‘speaker CG’ and ‘speaker CD’. Do you think if it’s possible to do that ? Thanks

Audacity can only play mono or stereo. It can’t play through more than 2 channels, so you will need to use some other application to play multichannel audio (such as VLC).

Yes I understand what you talking about Audacity. But I play with another system, I just use Audacity to create a file with Format 5.1 file only and I think it’s possible. Am I right ?

I don’t understand what your question is. I don’t know what you are trying to do.


My question is : Can I create a sound file format 5.1 with Audacity (.Wave) ?

Yes, as described previously, you need to enable “Advanced Mixing Options”.

Yes and thanks you for your helps ! And at the beginning all tracks play at the same time right ? (I play with a system that it’s can play the format 5.1). So that answer my topic who is the ‘synchro’. I use one track in Audacity to generate a synchro signal.

I come back again in this topic. I’ve 3 outputs in my sound card and after your previous picture example you draw three channels. Perhaps it’s fit for my sound card. I don’t need 6 channels but only 3 channels with 6 tracks. What do you think about ? Thanks

I don’t have a 5.1 sound card, and I’ve never used one. I suggest that you experiment.