I have to synchronize two tracks for a Muxing (audio/video) and I want to raise the peaks of one of them to better see the differences, this can be done with the ‘compression’ filter but I would not want to ruin the track, there is a way after working the track to cancel the ’ compression 'and make the file cone to the origin?

  1. apply the compression
  2. listen to the result
  3. If you are unhappy with the result use Edit > Undo or its shortcut Ctrl + Z

It’s also worth making a backup copy of your project in a good known state that you cna revert to. For this use File > Save Peoject > Backup Project - giving the backup a (slightly) different name.


making a backup copy of your project

Always a good idea. Export a protection WAV copy of your raw reading or performance before you mess with it.

Edit > Undo or its shortcut Ctrl + Z

Yes, but.

Say you increased the sound peaks to see what you’re doing, and then Time Shifted the performance to be spot on. UNDO will remove the time shift.

I might apply Effect > Amplify a known, fixed amount rather than one of the compression tools, do the time correction now that I could see what I’m doing, and then Effect > Amplify again the opposite amount to remove the initial boost. Amplify is a simple sound volume change and is reversible with no damage inside Audacity.


I can’t use Ctrl + Z because after compressing I have to edit the audio with cut and paste and I can’t delete them

When I need to do something like this, I use Ctrl-D to duplicate the track. I MUTE the original track and work with the copy. This way, I can always refer back or even revert back to the original track.

Let me explain better :slight_smile:
I have to put the two tracks side by side to compare the audio peaks then I have to cut and copy parts of that compressed one and save it, even if I make a copy I don’t solve why I have to save the worked one