Sync Locked Label track not working with generate Silence

Hello, Windows 7, Audacity 2.1.2, downloaded .exe file about a week ago.

I have a vocal track and a label track sync locked together, and when I do a cut and paste into the vocal track the label track works as I would expect; the labels stay with their associated vocal track (altho I would expect the labels associated with the pasted bit of audio track to come along for the ride, and they do not. Those two tracks are also sync locked with each other.)

But when I use the Generate Silence feature, the labels do not move with the associated audio, so they are no longer useful.

I see that there is a bug posted about this issue, but that describes a complex situation which I don’t think applies in my case. I’d be happy to describe further if it would be helpful. Audacity is a brilliant program, btw, and lots of fun to play with. Thanks!

Yes it’s a bug.
Here’s a workaround:

  1. Generate silence
  2. Ctrl+C
  3. Ctrl+Z
  4. Ctrl+V

Bumping this one to the top… Has there been any noise about fixing this bug? I am using 2.3.0 on Windows 10 and can verify that this is still a problem.

You just need to upgrade to the latest Audacity.

I just tested on W10 with 2.3.2 latest release and the alpha test build for the upcoming 2.3.3 - and on both those following your steps and using the Generate silence in the audio track causes the labels to move accordingly in both cases where the silence expands or contracts the current selection or if you make a point selection and then Generate Silence.

Update: I re-read your bump post and see you are on 2.3.0 - I tested with that and you’re right in that release the bug has crept back - but do try 2.3.2 please.

I note that you reported back in 2016 that you were on 2.1.2 - so I tested with that and indeed that failed in the manner you say - but I also tested on 2.1.3 where it worked properly - so this is a bug that we fixed long ago.

You can get the latest release of Audacity from our website:


I’ve just been testing this on 2.3.2 and the alpha build for the upcoming 2.3.3

And I am minded to agree that this is a bug - so I will log it.

There is a workaround though:

  1. make your click&drag selection in the audio track and the label track
  2. Cut or copy the selection
  3. make a selection in the required location in the audio track and the label track
  4. Paste
  5. Observe: audio and label are both pasted

The sync-lock issue is at step 3 when selecting where to paste - it is not at step 1 where it is (and should be) necessary to select both the audio and the label for subsequent pasting - sync-lock is not intended to make the implied extended selection (consider the case where you have multiple audio tracks and a label track all sync-locked and you want to copy/pasted audio from just one audio track and the label track)


Logged as Bug #2202 - Sync-lock not honored on paste