Sync Lock not working

Sync Lock is on. I put a label both above and below the section of tracks. But it only copies and moves one of the two tracks in the section I have selected.

I have a top section, a label, a bottom section of two tracks and a label below that. Sync lock is not moving the two tracks in the lower section together. It only copies and moves one of the tracks and the other is lost. I undid this to retrieve the tracks in place where they were when I began. Why is Sync Lock not working properly?

Sync-locked tracked groups are basically defined by putting a label track beneath the group/

So this means your top label track is in a sync-locked group of its own with no audio tracks.
If you watch carefully where the clock icons are (in the Track Control Panels at the left of the track - and in Sync-locked selections) you should observe this.


It’s not a very elegant mechanism, we know that, but that’s the way it was written at the time and we’ve never gotten arounf to working on improving the GUI for sync-locked groups as other things have taken priority, sorry.

I can see that having multiple label tracks in a Sync-locked group could be useful so I’ll make a note of that idea.


Thank you. I know everything about how sync lock works. I want to know why it is not working. Everything looks fine. Labels OK. Clocks OK. So why does it fail to move both tracks together? It’s just plain failing to function properly.

Please post a screenshot of your project, with a description that clearly describes what you are trying to do and what is happening.

Ahh, I can see a problem …

If I click in the audio track(s) of the sandwich and use the Time Shift tool then the audio track(s) and the label track move in sync.
But if I click in te label track and Time shift it then only the label track moves, the audio tracks don’t move with it

I think this is a bug, I’ll have to check later to see if it’s logged already - if not I’ll be logging it (but I have to pop out for a bit right now).


Hi Jebbers,

this is the bug I have logged - and I think it is basically the error that you are seeing (logged as P3 with a Release Note and Workaround):
Sync lock fails when Time-shifting from the label track

Thanks for the report - good catch :sunglasses:


So is this something that won’t be working until the next version is released?

It won’t be the next release - that is for the new Unitary Project.


What’s the new Unitary Project?

Rather than there being a “project file” (“.aup”) and a separate “data folder” (“_data”) as now, there will be a single file that is the complete project.

Yeah. I know about that, but when will this bug be fixed?

So what was the point in asking?

Personally I’m not convinced that it is a bug. Nowhere in the manual does it say that Sync-Lock works in the way that you expect it to.

It won’t - because our Release Manager (and lead developer) has decided that he agrees with Steve that it is not a bug and he has closed it.

I will be updating the Manual for 3.0.0 to make the SLTG behaviors clearer.


The “alpha manual” (next version) has been updated. Hopefully this is clearer:

Time Shift Tool

When moving an audio clip left or right with the Time Shift Tool:

  • The audio clip under the mouse pointer is moved,
  • Any audio clips within the track group that overlap time-wise with the clip being moved, are also moved,
  • All labels within the track group are moved.

In addition, if there is a time selection, and the Time Shift Tool is used within the selection, then:

  • All selected audio clips are also moved.

Note that:

  1. A clip will not move unless it overlaps with a track being moved, or is within a selection that is being moved.
  2. All labels in the track group move with the audio clip(s) being dragged.
  3. If you want non-overlapping clips to move too, select over all clips you want to move then drag from inside the selection.

Using the Time Shift Tool you must click on an audio track and not on a label track.
If you click on a label track and drag with the Time Shift tool the entire label track will move keeping its labels in sync with each other but no audio will move.

and I also added this Top Tip:

If you want to ensure that all audio (tracks and clips) and label tracks remain aligned as you move a Sync-Locked Track Group, add an extra track of generated Silence for the entire length of the Sync-Locked Track Group (this then “overlaps” all the audio in the project, this ensuring that all audio clips move in synch).


I don’t get it. Sync Lock worked very simply before in other versions. I added a label track below the group, selected audio for that group and performed my edits, consisting of cut & paste or dragging. This is not working now. When I group two tracks together, cut, and paste, I lose one of the tracks.