Switch from Pro Tools to Audacity

I have been using Pro Tools and I want to switch to Audacity. My system is Windows XP. I have a MXL 909 mic and Mbox 2mini. I have worked with 7.1 Pro Tools. I am a Voice Over Artist and do a Podcast…What do I need to change ??? I am not an engineer and any help would be appreciated.


Do you use any post-production processing in Pro Tools? Unless the tools are plain like change loudness, they’re likely to be very different between the two programs. I think they will both do a good job with simple recording.

For one significant example, I don’t know if Pro Tools will apply tools and filters during recording, but Audacity will not do that.

Audacity does have a tool you might like. Flynwill developed “ACX Check,” which will tell you if your recording will likely pass the ACX AudioBook Quality Control robot on submission.


I notice you asked the same question a year ago. How far did you got with this response https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/using-a-m-box-with-audacity/35638/6 ?