Using a m-box with audacity

I have always used Pro Tools however I am switching to Audacity. Someone told me I can fix the settings in Audacity so I can use the m-box and not have to get a new mic. I have a MLX 909. I work on a Windows XP. Is this true.

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I’m not sure what your question is. Are you asking, “will Audacity work with an m-box” or “will an m-box work on your (obsolete) XP computer”?

What is an “MLX 909”? I looked on Google but that said it was a type of boiler :confused:

MXL 909 ® Microphones - MXL 909 Condenser Microphone. I HAVE Pro Tools and have been using this Mic. I want to now switch to Audacity. The m box is part of Pro Tools. I wanted to know if Audacity has a setting so I can still use the m-box with Audacity. A salesman at Guitar Center said there is a setting in Audacity where this is possible. If not I have to convert the Microphone to a USB input. I hope this is clearer. I use Windows XP


Does the m-box show up as a recording device in the Windows Sound Control Panel? If it does, then you should be able to use it as a recording device in Audacity by selecting it in the device toolbar.

The earlier Pro Tools was a system product. It was a software collection that married itself with a hardware interface. That’s how they got around all the delays and latencies and odd channel problems that Audacity has. The down side was the extraordinary cost of all that. You had to be pretty serious to want to do that to your checking account.

Basically all the computer did was serve sandwiches and tea every so often. It was never a vital part of the Pro Tools audio system. I assume the M-Box was that hardware interface and you want to use it without the Pro Tools software support.

As above, if it appears on the Windows list of acceptable connections, then Audacity should be happy with it, too. You will probably not be able to use all of its Pro Tools tricks, but If it appears at all, I bet it will work as a plain stereo input and output.


Mbox is meant for ProTools. Audacity does not officially support Mbox. This is stated in numerous topics on the Forum. There is no setting to enable Mbox support.

To use Audacity with Mbox, you will almost certainly need to go to the Avid web site and look for standalone Mbox drivers for XP that are meant for third-party software other than Pro Tools.
I would suggest you could try the “Digidesign WaveDriver” from Digidesign Audio Drivers for Windows XP if you don’t already have it. Don’t install the ASIO drivers because Audacity as shipped cannot see them. Your mileage may vary without or without drivers, but there is no Audacity support for using Mbox.

Please read audacity not saving - #3 by Gale_Andrews regarding the risks of using XP now Microsoft no longer issues security updates for it.


Thanks for getting back to me. I talked to my Pro Tools engineer and was able to solve the problem with a reinstall, of the Pro Tools I have. The issue with Pro Tools is everyday it seems, something new happens. I am only recording V.O. not the Beetles, and this is a very heavy Engineering Program with lots of bells and whistles I don’t need. That said, I will stay where I am right now…at least until the next time.