switch between right/left audio output circular

Hello guys

I have a question
I have a large audio file ~650 minutes playtime
I want to swap the output between right and left ear.
5 seconds on the left ear, the next 5 seconds on the right ear, the next 5 seconds again on the left ear and so on…
With ~650 minutes playtime I cant do that manual…
Is there a solution ?
How I can do this ?
Would be very nice if someone can help me.


I can’t think of a good way to do this automatically, but as a first step I would not actually swap the channels. I would create two stereo shows one above the other. The bottom show is backwards left to right. Then all you need to do is switch between them at five second intervals. Much easier than trying to manage a single performance.

But I don’t know how to automate the switching, so we’re no further ahead.

Audacity has Chains which is the batch or automation tool.



There is a plugin which will do that … panlfo2a.ny

First you’ll have to create a dual-mono version of your track …
duplicate the track (“Ctrl” +“D”), then marry it to the original via “make stereo-pair”.

Then apply panlfo2a.ny …
alternate every 5 seconds.png
I think processing 650 minutes in one go is too much, maybe process it in hour-long chunks.

Re: “circular”. If you want the sound to spin around your head use this plugin … spin.ny

( again processing ten hours in one go may be too much, try a shorter section of audio first )

Many ManyMany thx for your help guys
I will test it with panlfo2a.ny today/tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I have test it and it works
Thx guys for the fast help :slight_smile:
*Large Files are no Problem, of curse it load very long but thats no problem :slight_smile:

I found this thread in order to figure out how to create a dual mono, making my left channel appear in both channels. I have current Audacity (2.2.2), yet there is NO “split stereo track” option in the tracks dropdown. (Was going to start a new thread, but maybe this thread can help.) I cannot figure out how to even select one track (left or right) of the two there.

Should be “split stereo to mono”. Then delete [X] the track you don’t want …

The upper of the stereo pair is left, the lower is right.

OH, I was looking under the Tracks menu. I didn’t even SEE the one you showed. Thanks for that very helpful video reply!

So… the correct sequence of actions to replace the right channel with the left channel making it dual mono are:

  1. “Split stereo track”
  2. In right channel, “X” (upper left corner) to remove the right channel track.
  3. Double click anywhere on the remaining (left channel) waveform to select the whole track.
  4. Ctrl-D to duplicate the track. (But I didn’t see that in the dropdown OR anywhere else.)
  5. In the dropdown of the left channel, “Make Stereo Track”.

And we’re done. We have a dual-mono track with both channels equal to the former left channel.

I knew from reading somewhere that Ctrl-D did “duplication”, but I wish it was listed somewhere as a function to invoke via a menu item.

How about Edit > Duplicate



Unless you’re planning on adding stereo-effects, (like pseudo-stereo), single-mono will suffice : it sounds exactly the same as dual-mono.