Super USB Cassette Capture

I bought this thing and it installed Audacity on my machine. I put a cassette in and pushed the play button on the outboard device and although the software screen control panel is open on my desktop I can’t hear anything and the software is staying at zeros across the board.

Have a good read of this tutorial set from the manual - it should help you:


And especially this one:


There is nothing in this tutorial concerning this matter

A couple of quick things -

Click Audio Setup in Audacity and select the USB device as your recording and select your regular speakers/soundcard as the playback device.

Navigate to preferences and enable Software Playthrough so you can hear what you are recording.

FYI - Those “cheap little” USB cassette players have a rather bad reputation. Apparently, some of them just don’t work. :frowning: (It’s not a “compatibility problem”. All of them work… or are supposed to work… with the standard Microsoft-supplied drivers.)