Suggestion: open multiple audio files

I have a suggestion for the next Audacity versions that could be helpful for most people who work hard with audio editing. What about a future possibility to open multiple audio files using the same program instance?
It looks like we can currently work with one file at once, and it means that when we need to edit, say, 3 files, Audacity needs to open 3 different windows. I think that using the same instance for multiple files could make the work a lot easier - and, of course, use less hardware resources.

Imported audio files open in the same window.


File > Import > Audio. I’m currently working on a project with 49 stereo tracks in one program instance.

I checked out the “Import” feature. It opens lots of audio files on the same window, but all in only one project. I mean if could it be possible to open various files in the same window, but work independently with each one. In example: Sound Forge for Windows can open many files at the same time, but in different windows inside the same window:

Perhaps you could explain further how these benefits would be achieved. I don’t see how it would make editing easier as there would be less screen space available for each track. Also I don’t see how it would reduce hardware resources as there is still the same amount of audio data.


on the basis of the reduced screen space (which is limited enough at times anyway)


If you have different maximised Audacity windows open you can press the “Restore down” button (top right) on each window then position them as you like above or beside each other (or use the Windows commands to tile the windows).

If you are asking for each project in one Audacity window to be in a separate tab (so you only see one project at a time) we could add your vote for that.


That’s just what I’ve been talking about many projects in different windows, inside the same program window.

-1 for me too. For multi-track projects I need all the screen space I can get. If I want more than one project open I would much prefer it to be its own separate window,

It’s not what is in your image (multiple simultaneously viewable projects in one window), which Steve and waxcylinder object to.

If Audacity had a tabbed interface, each project would have its own little protruding piece of interface, which you have to click on to view that project. But if you click on a tab to view that project, that’s the only project you see.


Just to mention: the old ReZound used to have a list of opened audio projects at the top of the main window:

I can already see which projects are open by looking in the Desktop Taskbar.
I also have the option to hide the Taskbar if I need to maximize the workspace.
One window per project allows the computer’s window manager to handle the task without needing to duplicate that functionality in Audacity.