Suggestion for Ripping (?) old LPs

I am running IMAC OSX 10.9. Downloaded Audacity 2.0.5. Downloaded LAME and had the same issues of finding it until I was able to get it into the Audacity folder in my Applications. Everything actually seems to be properly working!!!

NOW my question. I have a “lot” of old LPs to digitize using my new Crosley USB turntable. I want to put them into ITUNES. Should I copy one song at a time off of each LP or do I copy the entire LP into one file?

Where is this discussed? In the manual, online, or not at all? What do you suggest?

Thanks, all.

Hooray :smiley:

You’re in luck. Several of the documentation team have done lots of vinyl to digital transfers, so there is a lot of documentation on the subject.

If you already have the basics of recording with Audacity, then this work-flow (from the manual) will probably be the most useful:

And this workflow for getting stuff into iTunes:

This full set of tutorials may be useful to you too:

I, personally, normally work with one side of an LP at a time as it gives me a smaller working set - capture, edit, export the WAV files - then side-2. I also use Brian Davies’ excellent ClickRepair to remove the clicks and pops = this package costs a little (c. US40) but is little shy of magical in the results it can achieve, it saves me a lot of time too. See this sticky thread: