Storing/saving Preferences [SOLVED]

I have read the section on the online help files on Preferences but I am having trouble storing/saving these.

I am using Audacity to look at Bat data. So very short HF files usually a couple of MB, lasting a couple of seconds. I have thousands of files to look through to determine if there are bat calls in each file. Each time I open up a WAV file in Audacity I have to change the preferences to be able to view the spectrogram in the right way to determine if there is any bat data. How do I save the configuration so I do not need to change this every time I open up a new file? I apply the settings and then click ok.

When I do a search it is telling me this file is in:

When I go into the Kenny folder, I cannot even see the AppData folder

When I go to open this folder from the search folder it tries to download the installation wizard for Audacity.

But even so, the configuration may save, but it is not applied to how I open up a file the next time. So have to set everything all over again for to view every single file. Is there anyway round this? Thank you.

I expect that you are only making settings in the Track Control Panel for each track, the bow oat the left of the wavegorm or spectrogram.

If that is the case then try goind to Edit > Prerences:

  1. on the Tracks pane, choose Spectrogram as youft “Default view mode”)

  2. then on the Spectrograms pane choose the global settings you want.

Preferences are automatically saved and restored for next use.

Basically the Prefences are for global setting and the Track Control Panel affords individual track settings which can be used to override the global settings for any particular track.


Further to waxcylinder’s reply, see this section in the manual:

Hello Wax cylinder,

Great! Thank you so much. That has worked.

It’s only easy when you know how :wink:

Glad you got it cracked. :slight_smile: