Stereo 2 channels in one pane via colors

in stereo audio , both waveform and spectrogram views
are typically shown in stereo panes,

allow a concise view where color-channel multiplexing/transparency is used
for the left / right channels (amber and blue)

conciseness and makes comparing easier (foveas aren’t that big)
therefore channels might be monochrome except for stereo differences

for waveform
maybe not necessarily white-balanced colors.
e.g other color primaries
in this example it shows the the audio is mono (the overlap and look similar to normal)
Screenshot from 2019-08-15 19-24-18 merge .png
but if offset…
Screenshot from 2019-08-15 19-24-18 merge offset .png

To me, that looks horrible. It makes my eyes feel funny looking at it.

guess i shouldn’t have faked an stereo on a mono via time offset maybe unrealistic,
but also probable sound nauseating also - good or bad thing :confused:

guess i shouldn’t have faked an stereo on a mono via time offset maybe unrealistic,
but also probably sound nauseating also - good or bad thing :confused: but does reflect…
Screenshot from 2019-08-16 08-46-12 crop.png
Screenshot from 2019-08-16 08-46-12 crop col.png
linear RGB blend, not sRGB
Screenshot from 2019-08-16 08-46-12 crop col duo.png
white balance, brightness
Screenshot from 2019-08-16 08-46-12 .png

+1 [if it’s about seeing stereo files, not ‘shifted’ mono files…]

I like the idea of seen a stereo in 1 sole wave [that one can idetify what is left and what is right channels], not sure what colors would look good…

example of how a stereo-colorised spectrogram might look like

[attachment=0]Screenshot from 2019-11-22 00-38-18.png[/attachment]
Screenshot from 2019-11-22 00-38-18.png

waveform spectrogram composite
[attachment=0]sp w.jpg[/attachment]
sp w.jpg

waveform alternative

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Personally, I find those “stereo-colorised spectrogram” much less clear than Audacity’s current displays. Speaking for myself, I would have no interest in developing a feature like that, and do not personally support this proposal, but thank you for proposing it. If others support the idea, it could still be implemented, but even if not, it is always useful to consider new ideas, even if they are not ultimately implemented.

maybe the external program’s spectrogram is blurrier
(4096, blackman-harris, windowSize 48%, dynamicRange130db, linear grayscale, mels)
audacity’s (2048, reassignment, blackman-harris, zero-pad16, gain0db, range80db, grayscale, bark)

based on earlier time-shifted fake stereo style

Your example looks fuzzy but a true stereo file in 1 wave i think would look sharper. I think your idea is useful to see at once the different db differences betweeen left and right channels [not sure of colors, idealy the user would choose them]:

“based on earlier … style”

i meant the coloring style

I’m doing this with a mini-program
and can’t align with precision, if someone does it with i think eg Gimp, the resulting stereo song in 1 wave will be fully sharp, with the parts that don’t overlap keeping more red or more yellow, overlaping parts would be orange tones.
Sort of, but way sharper than this low res:

redo of earlier stereo-spectrogram sample,
using audacity’s reassigned (might need oversampling to look less grainy)
(2048, reassignment, blackman-harris, zero-pad16, gain0db, range80db, grayscale, bark)

left : amber
right : soft-blue

white balance after

if use gimp, use multiply and layer-groups

[attachment=0]reassigned audacity stretch.jpg[/attachment]
reassigned audacity stretch.jpg

Actually, your Waveform doesn’t look so fuzzy if more zommed in, [if one sees it in the post it’s too small vs seeing the Waveform in Audacity], and if the peaks were lighter it would look even clearer.
Also with this idea the Waveform would look more than double vertically vs the usual, ± this size [here]

stereo luma waveform of spectrogram
LR LumaWaveform.png

gamma 2.0 (previously, too scrunched to the left)

2019-12-01 00-50-04 LR Gamma2.0 LumaWaveform-10bit WB.jpg

alternative colorization
(instead of direction, the relative phase of the two channels -
in sync vs inverted) e.g. for speakers
sync-invert 80 scale wb.jpg

and if combine :

the direction (L-R) [amber-blue]
and phase (sync-invert) [magenta-teal]

(color space decompose)
[Lab]  sync-invert L-R 80 scale .jpg