Stellar performance of Audacity v 1.3.12 beta

I just wanted to report the stellar performance of the version 1.3.12 beta of Audacity during a recent learning test with it.

I edited a five minute and thirteen second portion of audio that took about two days total through 3 full edits of the final version.

It is titled “Strange Audio Number Three” by digital detainee/inmate, digiday… numbers one and two had very limited distribution.

This audio/music compilation was edited in the “Audacity” audio application and one MIDI to WAV file conversion was done in “TiMidity” for this purpose.

There are 29 separate parts from 20 album tracks, one MIDI song file portion, plus only one actual sound effect track portion, though at least half of the song parts are sound effect oriented… all parts except the one actual sound effect track portion are pure song parts with only three parts increased slightly in speed and one small part run forward and backward… Paul would be proud… if he is still alive.

The distribution rights are in negotiation now, so unfortunately, this audio masterpiece can not be posted for sample listening because of obvious mass download concerns… when that situation changes and it becomes available through iTunes, I will let you know.

I’d like to thank the Audacity programming and support staff, my manager Saul, my four ex-wives, and all the little people that made this possible.

If “Steve” would like a copy of this compilation masterpiece along with a complete listener’s guide to its content, he can let me know and I can send it to him personally… this is because of Steve’s dedicated and tireless efforts to help me with my streaming desktop recording woes, and his amazing ability to complete a test installation of TiMidity on his own computer in order to give me the correct method for installing and making work the very strange and difficult TiMidity application.

During approximately 20 hours of editing in Audacity v 1.3.12 beta, only one minor glitch was apparent, and that was an anomaly that did not occur before or after the one experience, so I don’t think it was an actual glitch. Only one time when using the “Amplify” effect, out of using it 7 or 8 times, the slightly amplified audio sample was pasted in to the main file and somehow carried an increased speed effect as well… I simply used the “Change Speed” effect to slow down and correct that portion of the main file.

Thank you Audacity programmers and staff for making such a wonderful product.


1.3.12 has a bug that if you paste from a track at a given sample rate into a track that is at another rate, the audio is length and speed changed (it’s a problem the 1.2 version has too). I would guess this is what happened to you, but let us know if you see it happen again in other circumstances. The bug reported in the forum topic has been fixed, so it should not be in the next 1.3.13 Beta.


Hi Gale,

That little thing was no big deal… Audacity is really amazing… I was just getting ready to try the “Easy Vocoder” plugin that you referred me to in a little while.

The only other small thing that I noticed, or I think I noticed, was that when one zooms in on the track data, the timeline doesn’t seem to change with the zoom… not sure about that one since I am so new to Audacity.

Now since steve was able to see in to my hardwire loopback problem and define that I bought the wrong type of splitter, I’ll be able to get the right one and try that later too.

Thanks again,


It should change with the zoom. If you think there is a problem, could you perhaps start a new topic and attach a screenshot.



Hi Gale,

You are right, the timeline is changing when I zoom in or out… I’m not sure what I was seeing before when I was in the midst of a long editing session… since I’m so new to Audacity, I’m probably not a very good candidate for beta test feedback.



Actually digiday, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is exactly what is needed for Beta testing - long-term users of the Beta can sometimes overlook stuff - so keep on testing … :slight_smile:


Thanks wax,

Since I’m 3 for 4 now with questions on this forum, 4 for 5 if you include installing and using Audacity with great success (including desktop recording, recording with a microphone, installing and using TiMidity, and only the email audio embedding issue was a looser since it is limited to Outlook and Incredimail, which I’m not going to use) then I’m sure I will be back for other little things and I can give any input that I have about stuff I see in Audacity if it might help.

Thanks for your encouragement,

digi’s mom and dad, Steve and Didi.

Hi steve, wax, Gale and all the nice people on the Audacity forum who have been so helpful.

I created the soundtrack to this software test video in Audacity… I finished and posted this a couple of days ago… a small bit of editing that got larger as the video project got larger, then it had to be re-edited shorter after the video became too long to post on YouTube… a fine example of small getting too large, then forced to become medium.

Here are two links to this “CamStudio 2.0 Codec and Framerate Test #4 video (for which the soundtrack was created in Audacity), the biggest blockbuster in a series of four… one link is to the normal YouTube HD video page and the 2nd link is to a full page/tab video display, also in HD and both in “Ultra-Audacity-Sound”

There is one small voice recording segment about a minute into this video that was highly “effected” in Audacity, in addition to a couple of not so “hidden message” audio clips at the very, very end.

I did teach myself a few new things during this round of editing including creating this soundtrack with all individual tracks for each clip instead of having all the clips along one track… and using the “Time Shift” tool which became essential while deciding which audio track to have at any given point in this soundtrack and also very essential when re-editing it to a shorter duration.

In all, this soundtrack has 8 song tracks and clips, and one voice segment… since I didn’t post my other “purely audio” editing effort, “Strange Audio #3, this video soundtrack should work as a decent sample of what I’ve been able to do with help from all of you.

Thanks for all of your kind efforts to assist me,