Steinberg VST Plug-ins: SSL Native Software X-Echo and Native X-EQ 2 won't open in Audacity.

I am using Windows 10 Pro.

I have recently downloaded and installed : SSL Native Software X-Echo and Native X-EQ 2

According to the Audacity manual - Audacity does support Steinberg VST plug-ins.

“All the directories where you can place VST plug-ins are searched recursively, which means that plug-ins that are inside their own folder in that directory should still be found by Audacity.}”

According to iLok. Both SSL plug-ins are registered and active on my computer.

Here is the path on my computer’s drive that they reside:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins ,but do not appear in the “manage plug-ins” window of Audacity

The question here is - why doesn’t Audacity recognize and open the two Plug-in files?

Even though they are effects, rather than instruments, they may be VSTi, or VST3.
Currently Audacity does not support VSTi or VST3 :frowning:

From the SSl [u]SSL website[/u]

Supported DAWs
SSL plug-ins have been tested on the following platforms:

FL Studio
Ableton Live
Logic Pro
Pro Tools
Studio One

SSL Native should be compatible with any DAW that supports VST, AU, AAX or RTAS plug-ins. This includes most common DAW applications.

…So they haven’t actually tested them with Audacity.

Audacity supports the Steinberg VST plugin " iZotope Vinyl" on my W10 PC with both 3.1.3 and the alpha test build I have for 3.0.0 (and indeed many earlier Audacity versions).
iZotope Vinyl.png