Start/stop playback -SPACEBAR.

Please, please make spacebar start or stop playback as in every other media-software.
Easily navigating your audio in Audacity is an nightmare.


It does. It stops playback and starts it up again at the beginning of the selection. You probably want it to Pause playback.


Except Audition and Cool Edit which work exactly like Audacity.

The “P” button will pause the playback from the keyboard. You can try resetting the keyboard shortcuts under Preferences, Keyboard.


Thank you!
I was quite frustrated when I wrote this post.
Spacebar did not work as play/stop. After some investigating I found out that in the prefereces someone had translated the “spacebar”-word into swedish, “Mellanslag”, which makes it not work. The key is captured as “spacebar” even though the system is swedish.(I’m using swedish translation Audacity).

And the “P” button will also pause recording - most useful - thanks for pointing that shortcut out Koz.


No, this thread is still current :frowning:
My expirience was same. After about 2-3 years of using Audacity with this nightmare :wink: I discover that it is translation problem I mean and changing this shortcut from “spacebar” to “space” (don’t remember yet) couse this shortcut usable. BUT… last days I set Audacity on some other PC/Windows - this method not solve the problem. And on the other one PC I check yesterday, the same :frowning: Why sometimes play starts and sometimes not ? Stops everytime.