splitting 1 recording into seperate tracks, then extracting

Hey everybody!

OK, so i’ve recorded a DJ Mix on my new Mac using another program. I’ve extracted this hour long mix, and put it into audacity.

In the past, I’ve used programs like Mp3 Splitter & Joiner to do just as the program name implies, but with ease.

I’m having trouble with Audacity. All i want to do is split it at exact time points of my choice, and then extract it into the 12 tracks I used in the mix.

But it just doesn’t make sense to me. How do i put in the exact time points, and then split it there?

And also, do i have to install some sort of mp3 extractor once i’ve chosen to extract? (honestly, please excuse me, i’m a real dumbass when it comes to programs and such - i like things simple!)

If its not too much to, can someone PLEASE HELP! or direct me to the relevant link, because I have not been able to find what i’m after elsewhere in the forum.


I would not be doing production in MP3. Each time you go into and out of MP3-land, the sound gets a little more damaged. Then there’s the problem you have where managing a compressed file format can be troubling. Uncompressed WAV format is good. Audacity has to uncompress whatever you do to edit it anyway.

At the beginning of each song in the timeline, press Apple-B or Control-B. A label will be placed at that point. When you’re done (don’t forget the first one) File > Export Multiple and you fill get a pile of music files and each song will start where the marker was placed.

MP3 management costs money in Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft licensing fees, so Audacity uses the free lame compression package. lame is written and managed by somebody else, so you have to download it and install it separately. The version changes with the type of computer you have.

It’s possible to have the right computer and the right lame and the wrong Audacity.
Make sure everything is correct.


alright cool thanks heaps kaz!

i’m extracting the recording again (im using garageband on mac) as wav format, and i’ll give it a go.

do u know how accurate the split is? (ie - will there be any pause or delay? because i really dont want that!)

also - does anyone know whether audacity can use cue files to do the same thing?

If im having any problems, i’ll be back here soon!


Just letting everyone know that yes this works perfect (note: im using a mac, audacity 1.3.6.),
and i even figured how to get exactly where you want for each split.

If you’ve got written down the exact point you want the split in min/sec/ms, just do your first split @ 00:00:00, then in the “Selection Start” box at the bottom, type in your next split, press space to hear it, space again to stop and return it to the point you typed in, then just apple+B, and there’s your exact split (note, i had “SNAP TO” and “LENGTH” checked, dont know if it makes a difference).

Do so again till you get all your splits, then file, “export multiple”, and choose your rate and so forth!

thanks so much Koz - i wouldve been f*cked trying to figure out how to do this for hours or even months if it werent for you! There’s nothing in the “help” dialogue box.



there’s loads of useful tips, tricks and tutorials in the Wiki that would probably be useful to you (including stuff on how to split up projects) - see: http://audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=Audacity_Wiki_Home_Page

There’s also some other tutotorials that you can find on t’interweb that are quite good - including some on YouTube.