"Split stereo to mono" apply to all tracks simultaneously?

I want to split all stereo tracks into mono tracks all at the same time. I know I can do each one individually by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting “Split stereo to mono”, but how can I apply that to all stereo tracks in Audacity? Is it possible?

I tried searching the forum but found nothing, sorry

(PS I’m using Win 7 64-bit and Audacity 2.0.6)

That’s simply not possible.

A workaround is to enable the advanced mixing options in Preferences–>Import and Export.

You can now export the audio (ideally as Vave/Aiff) and a mixing dialogue will pop up.
Move the slider all the way to the right.
You have now a 20 channel file for instance.
On re-import, all files will be listed as single mono files.
However, they will all have the same length and this might not be what you’re looking for.


Not possible, huh?

Seems like something that should be. Or, in other words, seems like something that could be easily implemented into Audacity

Well thanks anyway

If you just want to hear what a track or project sounds-like in mono there are plug-in effects which allow you to manipulate the stereo-image, from wide-stereo, to mono , or anywhere inbetween …



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Interesting…do you know how well this works? Have you used it before?

This isn’t exactly what I was looking for initially but I may be able to use something like this for other purposes. If all it does is pan the left channels and right channels closer to center then you could just do that in Audacity without the plug-in. But if it’s smarter than that, and actually doesn’t “butcher” the sound, or waveform, then that could be pretty cool.

Attached is a demo of the LFO version of the Stereo-butterfly plugin …

[ Instructions on how to install plugins into Audacity here ]

Hey, thanks. You guy are always very helpful on this forum

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I seem to have missed this topic first time around, but it occurs to me that it might be beneficial for Audacity to provide an option to record 2 mono channels.
That would be ideal for those users that wish to record two mono sources at the same time (such as guitar in one channel and vocal in the other).

You’re not the first person to mention this - I seem to recall just such a discussion on the Forum elsewhere just recently.


Technically this is an easy change.
The hard part is deciding where to put the option and what to do in the case of systems that support more than 2 channels.

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