Split Mp3 file into multiple 20 minutes subfiles


I’m new to Audacity and to Macro. I used the search first but could not locate what I’m looking for:

I import MP3 podcast (usually 2-3h files) and I’d like to split the file into 20 minutes files, for example if the source is 2h20min it would output 7 files in MP3.
At the moment, I do that manually by selecting start and end in the main track, copy paste in a new track and export that new track as a file. That’s quite manual and time consuming.

Any idea how could I do that ?

I would place a label every 20 minutes and then use File > Export > Export Multiple
See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/splitting_a_recording_into_separate_tracks.html

You can either place the labels manually - place the cursor and press Ctrl+B or automatically with Tools > Regular Interval Labels
See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/regular_interval_labels.html


According to this topic of Splitting a Mp3 File:

Is there a easy/automatic way to split a long mp3 (e.g. audiobook with 10+ hours) in separate 20 minute tracks but in combination with next short silence?

So there is no “hard” cut after exact 20 min. but with the next “speaking break” after 20 min.
The next track/section starts at previous set label and also ends after 20 min. + time until next silence and so on…

Hope you know what i mean?!
After all i would like to have the long mp3 split at silence points but with a minimum track length of 20 min.
That’s to avoid those very short snippets.

Many thanks in common for your help!

3 hour track.
Labels every 20 minutes (approx) (“Ctrl + B” to add a label)
That about 9 labels.
5 to 10 seconds to find a suitable point to place each label (?) Total time to place the labels around 1 minute.
Then “Export Multiple” based on labels (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/export_multiple.html)

The entire task should be complete in less time than it took me to type this.

Tanks for very fast reply!

This seems ok if the mp3 is “short” like 3 hours and Tracks are “long” like 20 minutes.
If the master-file ist getting longer (e.g. 20-30 hours) and you want have 5 minute tracks it’s quite exhausting.

Anyway… i think i just found a pretty good way:

Anlayze → Label Sounds →

  • set low dB level (-30) and silence duration as required
  • set minimum Label interval as you want to have your track length
    (optional: set leading/trailing silence for the track)
    → proceed and Export Multiple as described.
    That’s it!

Seems to work just fine in my case.

That’s when to use “Label Sounds” :wink:

Exactly! Audacity totally rocks! :sunglasses: