Split Audio into separate files based on timestamps

Hello, I want to split a couple of long mp3 sound files into separate smaller mp3 files. I figured out how to split it based on the silence of a track using the silence finder, but I want to not have to manually go through each label checking if it’s in the right place. I would rather be able to split a track based on timestamps.

for instance, I have downloaded youtube video that encompasses the entire soundtrack for Medal of Honor Pacific Assault and converted it into mp3 format:

In the description of the video the uploader has listed all the timestamps for when each song is and provided a title for each track it needs to be split into.

Is there any way to automate this process, bonus points if you can include the title and add a prefix like “Medal of Honor Pacific Assault - title of track:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Audacity can import labels from a text file. See: File Menu: Import - Audacity Manual

Then you can Export Multiple selecting to split and name files via label information.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

I get an error 404 from your link ;(

I fixed the link.


Thank you, Peter. :smiley:

Is there any method to switch the time into minutes : seconds format instead of just seconds?

If there is any such conversion in Audacity, I am not aware of this.

For data format conversion, I think you want to look at a spreadsheet program such as LibreOffice Calc.

For Calc, to convert from time format, e.g., 1:30.123 to seconds you could use a formula:" =B2*86400", yielding the contents of cell “B2” to 90.123. And in case you are wondering, 86400 is the number of seconds in a day, which is a “magic” number used internally by Calc.

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Sadly the result is an “#VALUE!” error and it refuses to convert :confused:

It works for me:

It works when I manually reinput the data but after copying and pasting the data into the spreadsheet it will not work.
“0:00​ - Main Theme
2:15​ - Classic Theme
6:17​ - MOHPA E3
6:38​ - Bootcamp
7:56​ - Jeep Ride
10:35​ - PT Boat
14:10​ - Tower Battle
15:37​ - The Jungle
16:13​ - Rescue Pilot
17:13​ - Truck Ride
17:47​ - Ride to Sub
19:26​ - Hold off Attackers
21:40​ - Ending on Sub
21:57​ - To Guadancanal
22:42​ - MMG Standoff
23:18​ - Guy Gets Shot
24:00​ - Tense River
26:29​ - Spooky Level
30:31​ - Reinforcements
31:06​ - Regroup
35:20​ - Interrogate Soldier
35:38​ - Endless Patrol
36:19​ - No Fear
36:55​ - Flying
38:01​ - Bog
41:39​ - Wonder
42:38​ - Sneak
42:57​ - Jeep Ride 2
45:07​ - Intro Music A
47:20​ - Intro Music B
48:59​ - Intro Music C
49:32​ - Intro Music D
50:40​ - Intro Music E
51:32​ - Intro Music F
52:18​ - Intro Music G
53:30​ - Intro Music H
55:23​ - Intro Music I
55:34​ - Intro Music J
55:42​ - Intro Music K
59:29​ - Intro Movie Music
01:00:18​ - Stealth Music A
01:03:04​ - Stealth Music B
01:05:14​ - Stealth Music C
01:08:36​ - Stealth Music D
01:10:58​ - Tense Action
01:12:50​ - Heroic 1
01:14:29​ - Heroic 2
01:15:42​ - Level Music
01:18:22​ - Ending Music
01:18:38​ - Ending Music 2
01:19:01​ - GC2 All Remix
01:21:00​ - GC9b1_ltrt_edit
01:22:16​ - GC257_ltrt_edit
01:22:53​ - GC257_ltrt_edit2
01:24:21​ - GC1410_ltrt
01:26:56​ - sample
01:27:01​ - Cinematic Ending
01:27:55​ - Cinematic Ending 2”

When you copy/paste data into a spreadsheet, LibreOffice normally asks you to specify separators, in this case, a space or a “-”. You may have to manually edit your data and put in commas or change delimiters. You may even have to retype the whole thing. For additional help with LibreOffice, click on “Help” in their main menu. There is LibreOffice Help and Get Help Online, which is likely similar to this forum.

Usually when I have a question about libreoffice, I just go to google and type in, for example, “libreoffice export to text” if I want to know how to export a spreadsheet to a text file.

I hope this helps. :smiley: