Sound like a "click" in my voice recordings [SOLVED]

Hi everyone,

I have strange issue with my records. When I record, there in waveform some strange sounds, like a “click” ,recording too. I add a sceen, so if you can help me with this, I will be glad for you help. And apears too, when I record, but not talk. I am using microphone Plantronics with external sound cart for USB.

sound of audacity.jpg

Possibly a driver-conflict : one driver can interrupt another , causing the click .

You could test if the problem is specific to Audacity by using windows built-in sound recording device.
If the click problem persists when using Windows sound recorder, then Audacity can be ruled out as a cause of the click.

If that doesn’t help, it might be the same problem/solution as [u]this[/u].

Hi there,

Thank you for all suggestions but I still can not resolve this “click” sounds. I have old headsets with microphone (mini jack) and it is everything ok. But when I connect Plantronics for USB, I have this strange sounds. I am tried disable basic device sound card, antivirus, wi-fi , restart computer, change some settings in preference, but this sounds not disapears.

Any suggestions before I go to the service guarantee?

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Increasing the priority of Audacity to “Above normal” is worth a try : if you do that Audacity is less likely to be interrupted by other processes running on the computer. [ it’s a long-shot ]. processor priority “above normal”

If you let us have a clip of the audio which includes the click(s), that may help diagnosis :
You can attach a 5 second WAV-format file to posts in this forum.


Thank you for reply.

I just add 5-second WAV-forma file and also waveform. There are strange sound “click” beetween 1,5-2 sec (red color) exactly like I say.
Please foregive me my English accent. It is very funny.

strange sounds.jpg

I’m confident those clicks are produced by your mouth, saying the plosives “g” “t” & “d” , rather than artefacts created by electronics or software.

The clicks can be removed in Audacity using a De-Clicker plugin made by Paul-L
Paul-L's DeClick plugin on default settings.gif

However you may be able to prevent the plosive clicks happening in the first place using a pop-shield , ( an improvised one can be as good as a store-bought one).

BTW you posted a WAV-format audio file , but it sounds like it has lossy compression artefacts , as if you’d (repeatedly?) saved your recording in the MP3-format. If you want the highest sound quality you should not use MP3-format when you make your project. Only use MP3-format in the final step when making a copy to send to your customers.
[ NB: there is a quality “bit-rate” setting for MP3’s: the higher the quality the bigger the file ]


I am suprised that saying “g” “t” “p” is cause this strange sounds. You can be right. But is strange, that my “no name” old microphone (on headset) is better than Headset Plantronics C320 USB. I think, that USB can be cause, too.

With pop-shield can be problem, because I have headset with microphone, so I can add there any pop-shield.

Anyway, plugin De-Clicker deleted 80% strange sounds and for now records is much cleaner. Big than you for this. Maybe You have another plugins, that help with cleaning records from unexpected sounds?

And than you for advice with mp3-format and wave-format.

You could try positioning the headset-mic further away from your mouth , and/or wrap some foam around it.

Could the fact that this is noise-cancelling mic with dynamic eq have to do with the problem?

Plantronics used to have details for their tech on the site but that seems to be gone…

I wanna thank you guys for help. My recordings are much better without “clicks” :slight_smile: