Sound Blaster Audigy FX Windows 10


I just put together a budget computer for my Dad running Windows 10. He wanted a Sound Blaster Sound Audigy FX in so he could record from his record player and old reel to reel machine. Everything works great except for the recording itself.

I have downloaded the windows 10 drivers from Creative’s website but I get a no recording device error in Audacity 2.1.2 installed from the .exe. If I pull the Sound Blaster card and go with the onboard audio on the Asus motherboard everything is fine but he is convinced the sound isn’t as good. I just saw there was a beta version of Audacity I can try, but that aside can someone recommend a sound card that won’t break the bank that will work with Audacity and Windows 10?


Please at least try the Windows 2.1.3-alpha builds and let us know if you can use the SoundBlaster with that. You can delete 2.1.3-alpha if you don’t like using it long term, but it is believed as stable as 2.1.2 release right now.

Did you obtain the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx Software Pack for Windows 10? I would assume that to work with Audacity 2.1.2, given it seems to be an official Creative-supported driver.


Thanks for the response. I was able to install 2.1.3 tonight. No change in the error message which is " Error while opening sound device. Please check the recording device settings and the project sample rate." I get this when I try to record with WASAPI, MME, or Direct Sound.

And yes I do have the Win 10 drivers installed from that link.

Any ideas?


2.1.3-alpha should at least be able to record from the built-in sound device, even while SoundBlaster is connected. What inputs does the computer have of its own - only a mic? If so, your Dad is right that will not be correct for recording reel-to-reel.

You may be able to remove the error when recording from SoundBlaster by changing the default sample rate in Windows Sound for the SoundBlaster input you want to use (or by changing Audacity Project Rate to match SoundBlaster’s sample rate). Have a look at this link Missing features - Audacity Support - it applies the same to Windows 10.

If the SoundBlaster won’t work there are fairly inexpensive USB audio devices you can buy that have an appropriate line-level input.