Audacity is only recording mic

Hello, I have a problem.
I tried to record some sounds but it’s not recording.
I made some testing and tried every host: MME, WASAPI and DirectSound.
I looed into the wiki and set the bitrate to the same my headphone is using.
I gone into the audiodriver settings and set from virtual surround to “normal” stereo.

I have the SoundBlaster Audigy FX soundcard so I looked and found this thread.
I checked my version: I have Audacity 2.3.2. I downloaded the newest sounddrivers from the link in the post. Still only recording my mic.
I have Windows 10 Pro x64.

Here is an image from my audacity so you can see my configuration.
Thank you for any help,

In your screenshot it looks like you’ve selected microphone.

I tried to record some sounds

“Sounds” from where? Streaming audio from the Internet? A cassette deck plugged into line-in on your soundcard? Something else?