[SOLVED] Would like to batch run high pass filter

Audacity 2.3.0
Fedora 27 RPM via dnf
Ref: Composite image

The audacity man page suggests that ecasound be used to batch process audio. Well, I found all the pieces and installed it and it does not do a good job. As can be seen via the image, audacity does a great job at 20 Hz @ 48 db, while ecasound at 50 Hz (unknown rolloff) is not good. For my needs it isn’t usable. I initially ran it at 20 Hz, but it was not usable at all. It certainly did not cut off the frequencies below 20 Hz. If there is a way to set the ecasound rolloff, I do not know what it as, I could not find anything in the documentation.

So, is there a way to run audacity via the CLI and have it do a high pass filter with a setting of 20 Hz @ 48 db?

I’m going to have a few hundred WAV files to filter and I’d sure like to batch that work via a simple shell script, instead of doing them by hand.

Thanks for any pointers.

Batch-processing in Audacity is now called macros.

One way to do a high-pass filter is via code in Nyquist Prompt

(highpass8 *track*  20)

Thanks. After digging thru the documentation about macros, I have a simple one set up that does the same thing I did by hand. As I type this, it is running thru all of the files (except a select few) in a directory I had placed these files for further processing.

BTW, the manual is incorrect as to where the exported files are placed. It is: cleaned

It used to be “cleaned” in older versions of Audacity (and that was a hangover from the days when we had a, now removed, function called CleanSpeach).

We changed if for the latest (later?) versions of Audacity - I can’t recall which version - but it was either 2.3.1 or 2.3.2

OIC your first post says you are 2.3.0 (which I think was still using “cleaned” for the destination folder for Macros) - ceratinly the latest release 2.3.3 uses the location specified in the Manual.


Ah, OK. I can’t go to the latest version as there is no RPM for Fedora 27. I have to get busy and upgrade my Fedora version. Other projects keep me busy and Fedora 27 isn’t broken. :mrgreen: