Smpte timecode

Any Plan to add SMPTE Timecode to the program, 23.976 fps as well as the standard 29.97DF and Non-DF. Just to be able to read it and perhaps
auto sync multiple files stamped with those numbers in the Metadata would be very helpful

I agree it would be a grand idea, but it would require a revamp of the Audacity editing format. Somehow, a third sound or data track will have to be made and Scotch Taped to a sound track. When you perform a cut or other edit, the third track will need to track exactly those actions.

Audacity has no provision to recognize Time Of Day, and doesn’t have Mark-In and Mark-Out. That Time Of Day thing has been a sore point for surveillance practitioners for a long time. The closest we come is the Label system, which, if you’re accustomed to video editing will send you to strong drink.

There is a completely stupid way to do this. Get a classic analog time code generator and reader. Put the TC (an audio signal) on the Right of a stereo show and put a mono mixdown of the show on Left. From that point on, you should be able to play the show into the reader and tell exactly where you are.

Audacity has one other shortcoming that’s not obvious until you smack into it. Audacity will not play back more than two sound channels. There is no 3-channel playback.

There is a production shortcoming, too. Since you seem to know the oddball flavors of American video (your secret is safe with us), are you also aware of the crosstalk problems? If not you got insanely lucky. There’s nothing bashful about SMPTE Timecode. If there is anything at all wrong with your audio or monitoring system, you will be listening to time code in the background of the show.

You can do this with pure digital techniques, but you still have the problem that the Audacity editing format, and the Project format have to be able to support it in real time.

Go over the forum and count the number of complaints of stuttering and skipping cause by sloppy computers or bad computer hygiene. Now make it 30% worse.

But yes, it would be a terrific idea.


Oh, there is this. The DV video format has Time but doesn’t use SMPTE. They use “Frame Code.” That is an established format and it might be possible to use that—to hide that in the Audacity editing system.


In the Audacity Wiki on the Feature Requests page we have:

Import/play video for synchronized soundtrack editing (46 votes 08Jun17) No need for Audacity to edit the video. Alternatively, Audacity could send/receive SMPTE or MTC timecode data e.g. to VLC or mplayer.

Would you like me to add your vote for this ?


Would you like me to add your vote for this ?

Me? Yes.


And just because I’m genetically unable to leave well enough alone, we will, of course, be supporting Edit Decision Lists (EDL’s) and automatic execution?

“Email me the EDL from Friday’s show. I want to dig out which interstitials you used.”


“Jack Transport” would be nice too (
Short version: Jack Transport is part of Jack Audio System and provides sample accurate play / stop / repositioning / synchronisation of multiple media applications.

Done for you Koz,


Thank you.