Smooth Cutting/Pasting

Well I’m very new to audacity, and any other music editing software. Just got in my head that I wanted to dive into this world, downloaded audacity and the trial version of virtual dj and got goin. Well the problem I’ve encountered is when I’m cutting pieces of tracks and pasting them together to create a repetition of the same phrase. I managed to arrange the pieces well enough that the kick drum is at a steady beat in the background but the transition from piece to piece is more noticeable than I would prefer. Is there any way to smooth out the transition section to make it flow better?

Zoom in on the join, select an area covering a few dozen* sample points either side of the join and use “Repair”.
*Repair in Audacity 1.3 only works over a maximum of 128 sample points.

What does Repair do?


Smoothes out the join after a cut n’ paste job.

In Audacity the selection controls do not always allow zero crossing points to be exactly selected,
“repair” can be used to erase any discontinuity at the join which could otherwise cause a click.

Excellent. I guess the only other way to do something like that would be the two half-lap fades at each point. This is much better.


What it does is to repair up to 128 selected samples. It does this by interpolating a waveform from the immediately neighbouring waveforms - and a fine job of it, it does too.

As Trebor points out it does an excellent job of smoothing cuts/joins - and it works well on short duration clicks for click removal.

Prior to this appearing in 1.3 the best you could do was to interpolate yorself and redraw the offending part of the waveform ny hand/mouse …