silent subliminal message


I have tried to do silent subliminal message similar to this one
and when I play the commercial silent subliminal message
I cannot hear anything so I can sleep and it’s work.
Only I notice the HZ by the Audio frequency counter
It show me there is a sound.

And I followed those steps
1 - Tracks
New sample rate (HZ) 192000
2- Tools
Nyquist prompt
(lowpass8(highpass8 s 300)7000)
(hzosc 59500))
3- Amplify
New peak Amplitude (db) - 30
4- change pitch

but it didn’t work
My question is how can I make same as commercial silent subliminal message


Where did that code come from? What are you attempting to do in that step?

Hello steve ,

appreciated your answer, and I would like to do same this commercial silent subliminal message


Well the code that you posted will not do that. Where did that code come from?

actually my friend he gave it to me when I asked him how to do silent subliminal message

and when its didn’t work,I decide to ask you directly


OK. To make a “silent subliminal” like the one in your first post:

  1. Start with a good clean vocal recording. The one in your sample sounded if it was created with a “text to speech” application. If you produce this recording in another application (rather than recording it yourself), ensure the file is saved as “WAV, 16-bit 44.1 kHz sample rate”, then import the file into Audacity. If you record the speech in Audacity, ensure that you record at 44100 Hz sample rate (the default for Audacity).
  2. With the track selected, Apply the “Normalize” effect, and normalize to -1 dB (default setting).
  3. With the Nyquist Prompt, apply the following code:
;version 4

(setf cf 16500) ;modulation carrier frequency

(defun bandpass8 (sig lo hi)
      (highpass8 sig lo) hi))

(setf *track* (bandpass8 *track* 100 3000))
(setf *track* (mult *track* (hzosc cf)))
(bandpass8 *track* 15000 19000)
  1. Normalize to -23 dB

Step 4 isn’t strictly necessary, but is just included to give you an output level similar to your sample.

Mr. Steve

Thank you very much

appreciated your help