Signature -- How to Set Up?

Newbie needs help on how to do this. (I hope this is not an inappropriate place for this question, but I don’t see any other.) The FAQ says only,

“To add a signature to a post you must first create one via your User Control Panel.”

I can’t find any such option in my User Control Panel. What am I missing? – Clark2

Sorry, but the signature facility for users was removed a long time ago as it was persistently being used for spamming.


waxcylinder – Thanks! (Maybe somebody should change the FAQ?) – Clark2

Unfortunately it’s not editable (even for the forum admin). It’s the FAQ for the forum software (phpBB), not a FAQ for “this” forum.

What a pity. It dawned on me that I could use my signature to proclaim “Win10/Audacity 3.1.3”.

Actually, I have the same question.

At the bottom of each new posts (including THIS ONE!) there is an option with a tick box: Insert my signature
which can be set up in the User Control Panel.
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I went there - no such thing.

then I found this post and a reply that…the signature feature was removed long ago due to…spamming. (?) That would happen only if the signature included an email address.

or was it removed due to its being… free self promotion?..

We still can include our profile information in the UCP which is publicly accessible, so…what’s the difference ?

If any user is interested to see what I do and listen to my podcast - they are most welcome to find me online!

This forum is provided to help Audacity users to use Audacity effectively. It is a very popular forum, and we could sell advertising space for a lot of money, but we choose not to because most of the users on this forum prefer the forum to be advert free. If you want to post banners / adverts, there are plenty of forums that allow you to do that, but this one doesn’t.

The forum team has worked very hard to maintain this forum as a safe and helpful corner of cyberspace for over 15 years.

I did not say I want to post marketing banners here. And I never did.

Promotion is not my objective to come to this forum - advice on any issues with Audacity is.

I asked the question because the reason provided earlier doesn’t sound plausible and I like transparency and clarity. That’s all.

if you say - we don’t allow free promos or marketing- that’s perfectly fine with me and I’m more than happy to comply for as long as I want to use this free forum. No problem.

But more importantly - - if the signature option is no longer available (which is fine) , why is it still included in the new post options? that is confusing.

I didn’t say you did :wink: but when we allowed signatures, we got a lot of posts abusing the feature. The forum “crew” were fewer in number back then, and it was taking so much time sorting the spam from the ham that it was severely affecting our ability to provide technical support.

in short, because I don’t know how to remove that option. It isn’t an option in the forum software settings.
The forum uses phpBB software. If you know how to remove that option, I’ll happily pass on a request to the system administrator.