Setting up Adacity to record DJ mixes

hi guys,

i post in the hope that some techno brain-box can help set myself to record the odd dj mix, as i have recently started djing again.

my dj set-up is fine & in full woring order: 2 techincs 1210’s mk2, connected to a pioneer djm-500 mixer, thru a technics su-v55a amp.

but how do i set-up/connect to my laptop - do i connect the stereo mini-jack to RCA to my technics su-v55a amp or thru the mixer - i have been trying to get my head around this for good while & i am no further forward.

can any brain-box please help to set-up to get a decent recording ???

That’s the setup for overdubbing/sound-on-sound, but you can put the headphones wherever you want. That’s a Behringer UCA202. It’s not the only one that will do this, but it’s the one I/we have the most experience with.

That’s connected to the Tape Out of the mixer.

That illustration is the cable you would use with a Mac. Most of them don’t need the Behringer.


Erm…the pioneer djm-500 doesn’t have a tape out socket ??

What does it have then?

Can you point us to an on-line manual?

i hope this helps :

Not really - that’s not s pioneer djm-500. :confused:

oh sorry, trying to do 5 things at once, find attached a link to the mixer:

(just select english lol)

Master2 or Record Out.

Some Record Out connections bypass the signal processing or equalizers. I need to read more.

Oh, wait. This is a USB mixer. All you need is one USB cable between the mixer and computer. Forget the audio cables.


thanks - can you recommend a decent quality cable then ??

No. Almost anything with type A on one end…

…and type B on the other.

The restriction is length. You can’t go reliably over about ten feet and you can’t go through a USB hub at all.


this is hte pioneer djm-500 mixer that i have & not the 5000:

Yippee, we got there :smiley:

I presume that you have the “Master Out” connected to your amp, in which case you can connect the “booth monitor” out to the computer.
Note that the “booth monitor mix” is not necessarily the same as the “Master” mix, so use your headphones connected to the mixer to hear what is being sent to the computer.

I have a pioneer djm-500 & it is not a USB mixer - some help would be nice ???

Did you read my previous post?

I have posted several msgs since the last one was accepted - why is nothing being posted to help solve my problem ???

Because you have not responded to what has been posted.

Is that the case?

Have you done that?

Are your headphones connected to the mixer?

I don’t know who you’re posting to, but it doesn’t appear to be us. Write back when you’re less busy.

Hi koz,

No idea what’s going on with the forum - don’t seem to be getting any update/postings/responses.

So what cable/s do I need and where do I connect them to my amp & pioneer djm-500

Sorry & apologies for the lack of responses in this delay


And what gets connected to my hp laptop ??