Setting selection to match the current loop

I have a complex background noise track that I want to loop. After many hours playting around I’ve found a start and end to a loop within the track that loops seamlessly. Oh the joy.

However I now want to cut that loop to a new track. Is there a way to make the current loop a Selection, so that I can then interact with it and cut, trim etc? I can make the Selection a loop, but I want the opposite, I want the selection to be adjusted to match the loop markers.

Does that make sense?


The yellow snap-guides should help you to accurately align a click&drag selection in the waveform to the loop region:


How did you set your loop for seamless…???
Open the track in Audacity, Zoom in and Select your 1st best guess, Right click the time line click and drop menu click “Set loop to selection”… The top option on the drop menu is “Setting a loop region also makes an audio selection”… If you click that and get the wee tick beside it when you go and play your loop the loop selection will follow you movement of the black loop markers, then when you get the loop seamless (within seconds… not hours) you can stop loop play and do Edit copy and paste it in a new track, clear the old loop , mute or delete to orig track, select all of the new track and set loop to selection and it should loop seamlessly