Setting default zoom when opening WAV files

Dear Audacity users,

I want to edit hundreds of WAV recordings that I made for learning purposes, each being a voice sample that has to be cleaned up so that it fits the purpose. What I find really annoying is that the default zoom of the waveform view is “fit-to-track-width” instead of the “normal zoom”.

I get this
But I want this
And there is no setting for it
Please understand that it is really annoying to go into the view menu and select the zoom level each time after opening a WAV file. Also I am not using a keyboard.

Thank you in advance


Use the shortcut for Zoom Normal which is Ctrl + 2

If you would prefer a single key shortcut you can always customize the shortcut.


I have stated that I do not use a keyboard. And your shortcut system does not support the Surface Pen…

I owe much thanks to Audacity because it is a very capable tool. Would be glad if this simple option, the default zoom level on track import/opening, could be implemented!

Why don’t you use a keyboard?
How do you write forum posts? Are you using some sort of virtual keyboard or voice recognition software?

If you read carefully I have said that I do not use a keyboard, NOT own a keyboard. I absolutely recommend to do audio editing using a Surface Pen and a tablet. Enables a comfy professional workstyle!

But back to my point: you can use Audacity with JUST the Surface Pen because it is a well made tool. But if you cannot set the default zoom level for opening files then editing details can be annoying with many WAV files. So please implement an option in the menu!

and if you read my post carefully you would see that I asked why you do not use a keyboard, not why do you not own a keyboard :wink:

I absolutely recommend using Audacity with a wheel mouse and keyboard.
If some other audio editor works exceptionally well with a Surface Pen and a tablet, then it would seem that the other audio editor is a better fit for your needs. I don’t think that it’s reasonable for you to expect the Audacity developers and QA testers to go out and buy the same hardware just because you choose not to use a keyboard.

Can you not use a virtual keyboard with the Surface Pen?

Dear steve,

sadly I was unaware about the low budget, limited target scenario, old-timer development principles behind Audacity. Why have you not said that you dislike new Microsoft devices from the very beginning? I assume that rather than spending your time on UI quality improvements the team wants to work on fancy filters or the general stability of the backend waveform processor. I think this is absolutely ok! Just do as you wish guys, I was thinking about paying you to add this feature, donating, but obviously you do not care enough for me to risk this investment…

Thank you for your attention though! I will keep using your tool.

Because my opinion of new Microsoft devices has nothing to do with the situation.

The vast majority of people working in open source software are volunteers who work on projects in their spare time. It is unrealistic to expect them to go out and buy every new device that comes out. If you wrote a free Desktop app in your spare time and I complained that it didn’t support my Wacom Cintiq Pro 32, would you immediately go out and buy one?

OK so here’s a workaround

  1. create a Macro (I called my test one Zoom Normal)
  2. add to the Macro the single command Zoom normal
  3. Tools > Apply Macro > Palette - this will keep the Macros Palette on-screen as you work with Audacity
  4. Select the “Zoom Normal” Macro
  5. Import a file - this will zoom to fit (as you know)
  6. Click on Project in the Macros Palette - this will zoom your imported file to normal zoom level.