Selection Toolbar no longer works (2.4.2/Windows 10)

After saving a project, I am no longer able to use the selection toolbar to edit my piece. I can still use the mouse and select that way to edit, but I prefer the selection toolbar. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Works for me on W10 with 2.4.2 and the latest alpha build I have for the upcoming 3.0.0 :confused:


Well, it s working beautifully and then it stopped after I saved the project. :frowning:
Any ideas?

What exactly do you mean by “it stopped”?
Talk us through what to type / click on to reproduce the problem.

Before I saved my project, I was able to use the selection toolbar to capture what I wanted to delete.
After I saved the project, the selection toolbar wouldn’t work. I wasn’t able to edit within the time box seconds, although the box would highlight as if it would be edited. I could use the mouse to capture a portion, but it isn’t a precise as the toolbar. I also had the snap-to setting off and the selection tool turned on (at the top tool bar)

Any ideas? Screenshot attached that hopefully helps.
selection tool.jpg

Is your “Shift” key sticking? I notice it’s pressed down in that screenshot.

That was what the kicker is that it wasn’t the shift key, but acted like it was selected.
Regardless, I started a new project and redid everything.

Thanks though for the help! I appreciate your availability and willingness to solve issues!