selection toolbar: big

To save space on the screen I moved the selection toolbar (which is three toolbars high) to the top left and some other toolbars I use frequently to the right of that. See the attachment.

When an effect finished, for some reason the focus is set to the first toolbar, in this case the selection toolbar. I’ve unexpectedly changed the project rate a few times. But mostly having the focus somewhere else than expected forces me to use the mouse.

Is there a way to move the selection toolbar to the right? Whatever I try, it is docked under the other toolbars.

The Selection Toolbar is too high for its contents, too. If that could be changed that would be very useful.

I never use the Project Rate and Snap To from the toolbar, but I do love the audio position and selection length. If I could have the audio position and selection length shown in another way that would help too.

I could even live with all the other toolbars on a single line but the Tools Toolbar is also 2 lines high. Being able to change that would help too.

So, a lot of options. I just hope one of them is possible!

Or I should look into making a toolbar on my own… Is there any documentation on that?


The Selection Toolbar has a fixed height that is not adjustable.
You could however float the toolbar. For example:

To get this arrangement without the Selection Toolbar snapping into the upper dock, I had to un-maximize the Audacity window, move the Selection Toolbar to the desired position, then maximize the main Audacity window. The arrangement is automatically retained when restarting Audacity.

I’d love to see the Project Rate and Snap To moved from the Selection Toolbar

In the latest release 2.4.2 the audio position is it’s own toolbar, is bigger - and is resizable larger or smaller.


I downloaded 2.4.1. and noticed! Now why there’s not similar one for selection length which I use just as often, I don’t get.

Trying to find a work-around for the missing nyquist plugins in 2.4.1 now…