Selection tool operation

Hello, I have used Audacity in the distant past but never quite got the hang of the selection tool. It seems like a critical tool if one is to get very far with editing. All pride aside, I could use some help. I have downloaded an audio track of our band and I need to make some adjustments. The track starts out rather abruptly in the middle of a progression and I would like to clip that part and go to the beginning of the next progression. What is the best way to select the beginning progression to be deleted? I have been using the drag method starting at zero and dragging to the right to where the next progression begins. What I manage to do is create a loop selection. The right selection cursor will go to the nearest second mark but will not go to 2.4 sec where the progression begins. Can I get that refined with Audacity and is the procedure I am using the proper way to go about it? I look forward to your input. Ken

I may have answered my own question. The bottom toolbar was blocked from sight by the Apple toolbar. I was able to refine my cut. I am still open to suggestions about the best way to select the audio section I want to work with. Thank you

See this page in the Audacity Manual:

And this one: