Selection/Envelope/Draw etc. Tools

I accidentally hit the draw tool and couldn’t get my regular mouse back. What do I press to get out of that?
Sara Moser Bartlett

Are you looking for the Selection tool in the Tools Toolbar?
– Bill

No, I wasn’t looking for them at all. I accidentally clicked on the draw one and couldn’t get my regular mouse back. How do I cancel that when I click on it by accident?

So you accidentally clicked on the Draw Tool in the Tools toolbar, correct?

To get your “regular mouse” back (I assume you mean the I-beam selection cursor so you can select and edit audio) click on the Selection tool.

– Bill

I appreciate that info. I never use those six things, so I’m glad to know how to get back my mouse back to regular audio editing.

Thanks so much,

Thankfully Muse plans to remove the Tools toolbar soon - so "“normal cursor” i.e. Selection will always be available in later versions of Audacity.

This “stuck in the wrong tool” is a bear-trap that many folk have fallen into over the years :unamused:


I’m not sure that “Thankfully” is the right word. There are two schools of thought:

  1. Use the right tool for the job
  2. Use a multi-tool for everything.
    The new design team appears to be aiming for the latter.

No so, I believe.

My understanding of Muse’s plan is that

  1. Selection Tool (or rather Selection) will be always available , always “on” (avoids that bear-trap which must be a good thing surely)
  2. Envelope and Draw tools will have different ways of activating them (probably command-based/menu-based)
  3. Multi-tool disappears (personally I’ve always hated it anyway)

Note that
a) The Timeshift tool disappeared a while back, replaced by the Clip-Handle drag-bars (much better IMHO)
b) the Zoom tool also disappeared a while back, there are plenty of other (better) ways to zoom - and I’ve heard no-one complain about that.