Seeking podcast editing advice - audio levels are all over the place!

Hi, looking for help with the following(if it is even possible to correct my mess!)…

My guest was moving her head from side to side whilst talking into the mic (rookie error on my part , I should have stopped this during the recording…)

During editing, in my attempts to make the audio sound more ‘level’ and less ‘loud-quiet-loud-quiet’ (I manually went amplified sections of the track which looked lower), I think I have ruined it completely.

Can anyone help me to rectify this?

Is there some magic plug-in that could possibly help here :weary:

Here’s a link to a few sections of the audio where it is particularly more noticeable:

Thanks so much!

You could try the AUDynamicsProcessor (add it as a real-time effect). Start with these setting and see how it goes.


– Bill

Thanks Bill I’ll give that a shot now!

Because you’ve “ruined” it manually,
IMO it’s only fixable manually, e.g. with the envelope tool …
envelope too

Note: need to zoom-out so the vertical scale is +/-2, (rather than default +/-1).

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This sound like right down Chris’s Compressor street.

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 4.33.57 PM

Chris created a dynamic compressor that would allow him to listen to opera in the car. No matter what the performers did, the compressor would “adjust” things to be audible. It’s a look-ahead compressor which means it knows ahead of time when it has to move things around. That means it doesn’t “pump” or squash or do any of the other things that plain software compressors do. It’s a limiter, too, so you can bring up the volume without worrying about overload distortion.

It does have some restrictions because it was never a commercial product. It was just Chris. Put five or ten seconds of sound you don’t care about at the beginning and end of the work for Chris to “chew on.” Chris doesn’t like sailing off the end of a performance.

As we go.


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I had thought as much :smirk:
Thank you!