Searching keyboard shortcuts by pressing keys

Please, could You add to Audacity feature (specially to Windows Audacity) searching keyboard shortcuts by pressing key shortcut? For example I would like to bind key to one action, but I don’t know, if this key shortcut was used for another action. It’ll be easy for me to know keyboard shortcuts, which I can’t used for certain actions.
Thank You.
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Marco Oros

The Manual has a full list of keyboard shortcuts:

Beware there are two sets of shortcuts provided:

1) Standard
This is the default set - it is cut down to provide more free keys for users’ custom settings

2) Full
This is really provided for VI users (and keyboard warriors) a more complete set

What I usually do is try a key or key combination in Keyboard preferences - Audacity will then tell you
a) if that key is already in use, and
b) ask if you want to overwrite that with your new shortcut key binding.


I have finally found in radio button one, that says find keys by shortcut. After that I have pressed shortcut and I have finally find this shortcut. If list is empty, It means, that I can use this shortcut for another action, because this shortcut is not uses.

Thanks for that update Giovani,