scrub and seek toolbar in the middle of the screen

something is not right :confused:

When I activated the Scrub and Seek toolbar…it appeared in the centre of the screen on a track…and only the top half of the toolbar is visible.

I can’t move it, can’t do anything with it other than deactivate on the toolbar selection menu. I tried several times - same outcome.

do I have a gremlin again in my computer?..

Any advice please?

Try clicking on “Reset Toolbars

That will just hide the Scrb toolbar.

You should be able to move the Scrub toolbar to any loaction in either the top or bottom tppldocks by clicking and dragginf on the ruled vertical bar at the left of the toolbar.

See: Customizing Toolbar Layout - Audacity Manual


I tried - can’t be moved.

There is clearly something wrong as it shows ONLY the top part of the toolbar which is weird.

I’ve had parts of toolbars disappear when I had two versions of Audacity on my (Windows) computer.


  1. Reset Toolbars as Trebor suggests
    2 and the restore the Mixer Toolbar from View>Toolbars