Saving Component Clips Individually

Forgive me, this has to be one of the most frequent operations in Audacity, but I can’t find the right terminology to search out an answer (or maybe there is no answer!).

I’ve split a long concert recording into several clips. I want to save each clip as a separate file. I’m hoping there’s a better way than to:

Select each clip individually
Paste into new project
Save project

Audacity makes it fussy to select a clip (I can’t find a more efficient way than to position cursor inside a clip and choose “Clip Boundaries>Previous Clip Boundary to Cursor”, then “Cursor to Next Clip Boundary”). So to repeat the above procedure for 8 or 10 clips is 5 minutes of work. Since this is, again, something a lot of Audacity users must need to do, I’m hoping there’s a shortcut!

  1. Select each clip individually
  2. File > Export > Export Selected Audio
  3. Repeat till done.

Or if the clipeps are all in a single track (or on several tracks but don’t overlap_

  1. Select each clip individually
  2. Ctrl+B to make a range label
  3. repeat till all clips are labelled
  4. File Export > Export Multiple (based on labels)

You can quickly select a clip by double-clicking inside it.

Here is the manual page for Export Multiple.

– Bill