Save user presets for effects when reinstalling Audacity

Audacity 2.1.3 Windows 10 .exe installer
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from 7.
Had to reinstall Audacity.
When I opened an old .aup file everything I recorded was there but in EFFECT> xxx> MANAGE> USER PRESETS all the presets for my vocal EQ and other effects were gone.
Is there a way to save all my effect presets if I have to reinstall Audacity again?

Thanks, q

Audacity will usually retain your settings during an update of Audacity so long as you reinstall in the same location (usually best to just install to the default location) and install with the same Windows user account. I’d guess that you lost your settings on this occasion due to the (big) update from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

What you can do is to save your audacity configuration data

once you have Audacity set just the way you want it - and closed Audacity.

Easiest way to find where configuration data is
a) in Windows Explorer type %Appdata% in the box above the file list that has the file pathing in
b) this will take you to > Appdata > Roaming
c) You should see in the file list a folder called Audacity
d) Ctrl+CLick on that folder and drag it to the desktop to create a copy there
e) rename that folder
f) now do steps a throgh d again

Then in future if you want to revert to your know, preferred settings
g) click on the renamed folde on your desktop
h) CTRL+A to select all the config files there
i) CTRL+Click and drag these files to the shortcutted “Audacity” folder made in step f to copy these known seetings to where Audacity will use them.

I use I slightly simpler version of this, just conserving/restoring my audacity.cfg file as I only ever want to reset my preferences after a rset to factory-settings for QA testing - works a treat. :nerd: