Save Stored Cursor Position When File Saved


I was just thinking that it could come in handy to be able to go to the last stored cursor position after re-starting Audacity and re-opening a project. Even for something as simple as being sure where you left off when you closed the project.


You could always add a label at the appropriate position before closing. See:

It does do that I just tested on W10 with 3.0.0

  1. Generate chirp (30 secs default)
  2. click at 15 secs in waveform to set cursor
  3. Save Project
  4. Close Audacity
  5. relaunch Audacity
  6. Open project from 3 (I used Recent Files)
  7. Observe 30 sec chirp with cursor at 15 seconds

Or it remembers the selection

OIC it remembers the position or selection from when you last Saved the project - so your workaround is to save the project before exiting :nerd:


So are you saying I should be answering “Yes” to this dialog?!?!


Yes, BUT only if you want to save any changes made since your last Save of the project :wink: