Sample Rates Changing During Export? (since 3.4)

Hi! Previously did not have an issue with this and can not quite seem to figure it out.

When exporting multiple files with Sample Rates greater than 44.1, it seems all of the files will swap/change back to a 44,100Hz Sample rate. In my preferences, I have it set to higher values (96000 Hz) :

Audio Settings → Quality->
Both the Project Sample Rate & Default Sample Rate are are both set to 96,000Hz

What seems odd to me : I do not have the issue if I select each individual track, one at a time and export the current selection. When done this way, the track exports correctly. BUT The moment I select two tracks and export them, the tracks go back to that default of 44,100Hz.

Something about selecting more than one track causes it? Any ideas?

Greatly appreciate any insights !

This is a known and logged bug in 3.4.0 and it has been fixed for the upcoming 3.4.1 maintenance release.


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