RMS 35, SOS!

Well, we still haven’t heard back from ACX and the author. I just had my husband send the author a quick message to see if she heard anything. I haven’t read anyone having this long of a turn around without a peep. Is no news good news or is no news suspicious?

Not hearing back from the author is cause for concern particularly if they’re writing the checks.

Not hearing from ACX doesn’t surprise me. Every third posting on the forum is from someone seriously considering reading for ACX AudioBooks. Extrapolating that to the general population that’s several million people.

Worse, many of them have very serious production problems.


Just heard back from ACX… apparently there are clicks at the beginning and end of a lot of chapters. This sound is inaudible to our ears no matter how loud we turn it up to try and hear what they are hearing. The author doesn’t hear anything either, bless her heart.

I’m honestly waiting for the RH to just give up and fire us. :neutral_face:

That just happened to another poster. Something is causing what I’m calling “gritty” sound. It sails right by most of us.
I gotta come back to this.


This is me catching up.

This problem was solved recently with De-Clicker.


That was applied to fix a problem in this posting. The improvement is audible, but the problem is not immediately obvious.



Awesome!!! Thank you! I will implement the de-clicker and see what happens!

I would just like to thank KOZ and a few others that chimed in on the thread. After being rejected twice by the ACX human (once for random clicks, and another for not following head and tail instructions) I AM FINALLY LIVE AND ON RETAIL SHELVES. I don’t know if I’ll venture into the land of audio book production again, though if the author asks us to do her 2nd book we might… but wow!! Without this thread and website I would have failed and been up S#!t creak without a paddle!!!


So this is a snap, right? You’d recommend everybody get into audiobook reading?

It makes me crazy seeing all the equipment packages available and nobody once mentions the room or environment.

Big surprise.